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September 27th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Music

Long long ago, in what seems another life and definitely another time, I had the distinct once-in-a-lifetime grand misadventure of being a “roadie” for Electrafixion. It was during that U.S. tour throughout the good ol’ U.S.A. that I got to know and become friends with the opening band and road crew from The Elevator Drops. The years passed and sadly, I lost touch with them, until recently I had the ever brilliant idea to see if I could track any of them down by way of Facebook.

Sure enough, I was able to find Josh and it turns out that he has been busy with his music, forming a new band called Gary J and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance.

He kindly sent me some of his new music and without sounding bias, I really do love it! My favorite tracks are Celibrate, What If It Works Out with the various sound transitions and last but not least Will To Live, which has a really neat beat and background sounds!

You can listen and purchase his music from iTunes and on his web page you can hear his latest songs, which I most enthusiastically think rock!

I told Josh that he has to get back into the studio and knock out more music, because this is what real, genuine music is, not the lame corporate clamor that is pumped out over the airwaves.

So go get some cool, groovy music of my dear friend and support his band Garvy J!

Band Homepage Link: Garvy J

iTunes Music Link: Garvy J

Garvy J1
Garvy J4
Garvy J7

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