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Will’s New Glide Album

October 8th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Music

Hopefully, those who read and enjoy my little blog page have had a chance to check out, listen and buy/support my musical friends Garvy J and Feral Waves. For todays post, I wanted to share with you about my other buddy who makes music and who has a new album which will be released soon.

Will Sergeant, from Echo & the Bunnymen and Poltergeist has been working on his new solo Glide project. The album is entitled, “Assemblage One & Two” and can be purchased along with some other cool goodies by way of pledging for the album via Pledge Music.

It goes without saying that I am way super excited that Will is putting out another Glide album. It is the perfect music for just chilling out while I have my lava lamp turned on and making for a groovy mood.

Link: Will’s Glide Pledge Music

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