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Meet My Two New Bestest Friends!

March 12th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Cool Items

Finally, I can share with you really cool news that I made two new friends recently! In fact, they are now living with me now. One is siting upon my desk, watching me as I type this, while the other is over on my nightstand, resting happily upon some books. Who are they you ask? Ha! I thought you would never ask!

Perched upon my desk is Eggbert! He is such a cheery little owl. My friend Andrea introduced me to him, saying that he was painfully shy and quite self conscious. She mentioned how he wished he had “perfect” feathers and how he loves milkshakes, but that he stresses out over how much of a challenge it is to use a straw. When he stresses, he molts, which leads him to stress more about how his feather looks. Well, I mentioned to Andrea that he is most welcome to hang out with me as long as he likes and that I too love milkshakes, vanilla in fact! Since he has come over to my place, I have been gladly sharing my milkshakes with him. Not to worry about him stressing over the workings of a straw, since I happily feed him his shake by way of a spoon. He was very nervous and tepid when he first met, but he has very much made this his new home. I am so glad that he is here!

My other buddy is Henry! He is quite the mischievous one let me tell you! He loves eating apples and has sneaked a few from the kitchen when I was not paying attention. I think I need to plant an Apple tree! Oh, he also really enjoys hot chocolate too! He loves to climb things, Andrea mentioned how she found him climbing in her Christmas tree and took a picture to prove it! So far he hasn’t gotten to the top of my Cd well shelves, but I have a feeling it is only a matter of time until he does. He greets me every morning when I wake up with a big, sunny, exuberant “Good Morning!”.

If your looking to make new friends, feel free to go talk to Andrea, for she knows a whole host of really sweet, adorable critters!!!!

Link: Andralynn Creative Designs

Eggbert 1

Eggbert 2

Eggbert 3



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