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New Additions To My Gaming Collection

June 19th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Gamer

A couple of weeks back, my dear buddy Daryl asked if I would be interested in buying just about all of his various gaming figures which he meticulously and artfully hand painted. There are like five different time periods/genres of figures which he wanted to sell off.

How could I say no?!!!

Over the years, we have spent many a day playing “war games/historical campaigns” with these figures*, along with the previous sets that I bought from him a few years back. Not only is there a sentimental attachment to these figures, but they truly art little works of art that have been lovingly painted, even down to subtle little nuances which are noticed only if one is holding them very close to inspect.

Along with the collection of figures, there are multiple buildings, trees, shrubs, and other assorted environmental knickknacks and fun little objects which one would find within a dungeon deep as well.

It is one thing to “have” them to enjoy for ascetics and “cool” factor, but it really is all about playing with them. So with that in mind, my hope is that in the near future I can host a game whereby my other gaming buddies can delight and cherish them as much as I have.

Of course what I have to do now is to start saving up some money, for the next time when Daryl wants to sell off some of his latest figures which he is currently painting and working on.

Maybe he can paint up some wild west figures.

Now that would be a Yippee Ki Ay of a game to play!

* Along with a glass of some smooth whiskey, wine, or heavenly rum…while puffing along an old school tobacco pipe to boot!

New D Figure 1

New D Firgure 2

New D Figure 4

New D Figure 5

New D Figure 3

New D House 1

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