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Save The Net

April 25th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Politics - (Comments Off on Save The Net)

Yet again the Internet is under attack again by corrupt government and corporate interests. The Internet is meant to be free, a place where ideas, business and information is free and open for all.

I wrote to these individuals to let them know how I feel and letting them know that I stand for freedom of the Net.

The FCC Commissioners’ email addresses, to which concerned citizens might send concerned email:


The FCC’s main telephone line is 1-888-225-5322.

Please do the same, the Internet needs your voice and support to help keep it open, free and a vehicle for Truth.

Link: FCC New Net Rules



Christ is Risen!

April 20th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Holiday - (Comments Off on Christ is Risen!)

Christus Resurrexit!

Christ is Risen!

Wishing everyone everywhere a most blessed and joy filled Easter!

May Our Risen Lord bless you and keep you always. Amen.

The Resurrection Day1

Good Friday (Christ on the Cross)

April 18th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Reflections - (Comments Off on Good Friday (Christ on the Cross))

Christ on the Cross - Albrecht Durer

Found a simple, yet deeply profound reflection upon Good Friday, which I posted upon my Saintland web page.

Link: Preparation For Good Friday

PaleyFest, Cookies, and Koi, Oh My!

March 28th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in My Web Pages - (Comments Off on PaleyFest, Cookies, and Koi, Oh My!)

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is having a way super awesome day. It is a totally beautiful day outside here in LA.

Just wanted to share what else has been going on via my other hobby sites.

Went to the Agents of Shield presentation at PaleyFest:

Link: Patrick’s Movie Reviews

Posted a way yummy recipe for Milk’s Molasses cookies:

Link: Pat’s Friends Recipes

Came across a really lovely image of a Koi fish:

Link: Koi Fish

Hope you enjoy my other web pages, it is always fun for me to add new content.

Have a way awesome, peace filled and blessed Friday and weekend!

Snoopy Firday3

Meet My Two New Bestest Friends!

March 12th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Cool Items - (Comments Off on Meet My Two New Bestest Friends!)

Finally, I can share with you really cool news that I made two new friends recently! In fact, they are now living with me now. One is siting upon my desk, watching me as I type this, while the other is over on my nightstand, resting happily upon some books. Who are they you ask? Ha! I thought you would never ask!

Perched upon my desk is Eggbert! He is such a cheery little owl. My friend Andrea introduced me to him, saying that he was painfully shy and quite self conscious. She mentioned how he wished he had “perfect” feathers and how he loves milkshakes, but that he stresses out over how much of a challenge it is to use a straw. When he stresses, he molts, which leads him to stress more about how his feather looks. Well, I mentioned to Andrea that he is most welcome to hang out with me as long as he likes and that I too love milkshakes, vanilla in fact! Since he has come over to my place, I have been gladly sharing my milkshakes with him. Not to worry about him stressing over the workings of a straw, since I happily feed him his shake by way of a spoon. He was very nervous and tepid when he first met, but he has very much made this his new home. I am so glad that he is here!

My other buddy is Henry! He is quite the mischievous one let me tell you! He loves eating apples and has sneaked a few from the kitchen when I was not paying attention. I think I need to plant an Apple tree! Oh, he also really enjoys hot chocolate too! He loves to climb things, Andrea mentioned how she found him climbing in her Christmas tree and took a picture to prove it! So far he hasn’t gotten to the top of my Cd well shelves, but I have a feeling it is only a matter of time until he does. He greets me every morning when I wake up with a big, sunny, exuberant “Good Morning!”.

If your looking to make new friends, feel free to go talk to Andrea, for she knows a whole host of really sweet, adorable critters!!!!

Link: Andralynn Creative Designs

Eggbert 1

Eggbert 2

Eggbert 3



Lent Is Upon Us

March 6th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Reflections - (Comments Off on Lent Is Upon Us)

After having a way awesome Fat Tuesday, which included going to an all you can eat Mongolian BBQ restaurant (It was SO good!!!) with my friends Vince and Theresa, where we discussed G.K. Chesterton’s work Orthodoxy, as well as bouncing around various spiritual/religious/life topics. After dropping them off, I went out and picked up my buddy Matt and headed to our mutual friends Mark and Vanessa, where they made this massive spaghetti, salad and garlic bread feast (It was SO good!!!).

Following dinner, we watched the new Agents of Shield tv show, which had me both gripping the seat and yelling out loud at what was transpiring on the screen, the show rocked!!! Oh, lest I forget to mention, Mark showed us the Marvel short film Hail To The King, which was included upon the Thor Dark World Blu Ray. Without giving away any “spoilers” it was way fun and left me wanting MORE! And it even had this one actor who I will not mention even though I really really want to, because he was WAY awesome and I pulled a Sam Kinison when I saw him on screen…here is a hint: He was in Iron Man 2!!!!

It goes without saying that my Fat Tuesday was totally epic!!!!!!

Now though, it is time to get serious, for Lent is upon us.

Lent for those who may not be aware starts on what is known on Ash Wednesday, where we Catholics receive upon our foreheads ashes with the words spoken by the priest, “Memento, homo, quiz pulvis es, et in pulverem reversers.” That translates to :

“Remember, Man, that you are dust, and into dust you will return.”

It is a reminder for us that life will one day end for us, that we are to go before God and give an account of our life and how we have lived out this gift of His.

Thus, over a period of 40 days, it is a time to deeply reflect upon the essence of life, God’s goodness, justice and mercy, which is ultimately summarized through the Passion and Death of Christ upon the Cross as an offering to the Father Himself as the means of salvation due to the wages of our sin and disobedience. The fall of Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden was one whereby they disobeyed God and ate the fruit which was forbidden to them, after which Adam had the gall to blame everyone other than himself, even God for his own failure and falling into sin!

I often wonder if Adam and Eve had just told the truth and come forward and told God what they had done right off the bat and that they were sorry, if God would have forgiven them right then and there and would have given them a lesser punishment.

Yet, the hard reality that we find ourselves in is that unfortunately sin and evil are very much something which we have to face and deal with within our lives, notwithstanding that we are also going to die at some point in the future.

God within the Garden said to Adam after eating the forbidden fruit, “In the sweat of they face thou eat bread till thou return to earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.” (Genesis 3:19)

There are other references to dust and ash throughout the Old Testament. The king who converted back to following God after hearing the preaching of Jonah wore sackcloth and sat in ashes as a sign of his repentance. When Abraham is talking with God, he says Him that “I am dust and ashes.” (Genesis 18:27)

The ashes upon our forehead are a means by which to remind us of hard truths, ones that is inescapable. We have and do sin, we will die.

They act as a symbol, as well as a reminder. There is a reason why they are placed upon our forehead. We are reminded to think!

In thinking we can reflect. Through reflection we can alter how we act. By changing how we act, we can adjust how we live our life.

During Lent, we can ponder Gods love for us, His sacrifice for us upon the Cross and how truly horrendous and detestable sins are to God. Christ took upon Himself the wages of our sins, which was the culmination of His passion and death in order to free us from death and eternal perdition. Christs whole mission is to restore us in relationship to the Father, so that we can have that intimate bond with which was lost back within the Garden of Eden. There can be no Easter without there being a Good Friday. There can be no Easter joy without there being a Good Friday Passion.

Lent is a time spent in mediation upon these sacred mysteries of the Passion, Death and ultimately the Resurrection of Christ. It is the greatest mystery of all mysteries.

I just learned that the word for humble comes from Humus…meaning lowly and upon the ground…upon the Earth…alluding and referring to dust! Humility is the polar opposite of pride, which is the very essence of rebellion and of being of hard heartedness. Sin comes forth from pride, whereas humility allows for us to acknowledge our sinfulness and our need for God’s mercy, so that our connection and innate relationship with Him (and others) may be healed and brought whole once more.

Upon my Saintland web page, I posted a sermon on The Holy Season of Lent. It is well worth the read.

As for myself, I shall do my very best to be faithful to my particular Lenten “goals”.

It goes without saying that the Season of Lent is quite the challenge! Please pray for me that I will be constant this Lent and I will keep you within my prayers as well.

May the peace of God and His mercy shine forth to you during this Holy Season of Lent.


New Bunnymen Album

February 26th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Music - (Comments Off on New Bunnymen Album)

I have been waiting for this for a long time now, so it goes without saying how excited I am to learn that my favorite band of all time is going to release a new album come April!

Echo and the Bunnymen have been around for a long time now, dating back to the post punk era of Liverpool England circa 1978. I first heard them back as a senior in high school in 1988 when my best friend thought that I would really dig them and played me their cd. Their sound, lyrics and vibe was what instantaneously connected with me unlike any other band that I heard over the radio. There was something different about the Bunnymen that drew me in. Their sound was majestic, mysterious, philosophical, metaphysical, passionate and in some fashion which I can’t quite explain totally personal to me.

The Bunnymen became “my band” which over the course of years has had such an impact upon me both in terms of their music, but also being blessed to be able to get to know them and call them friends.

So if you want to listen to some real deal music made by genuine musicians who have been creating awesome, atmospheric and way super cool sounds for a long time now, then go show your support and purchase their new album. I bet it will be music to your ears!

Link: Bunnymen on Pledge Music

Link: Lovers On The Run-Live

Echo and The Bunnymen Meteroites Album Cover1

Flos Carmeli (Flower of Carmel)

February 6th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Music - (Comments Off on Flos Carmeli (Flower of Carmel))

Some months back I was approached where I attend the traditional Latin Mass to sing within the choir. Well, I wasn’t so much approached as socked in the arm as I was walking out of Church after finishing my prayers after Mass by Marietta, who happens to be the organist. She is as you can probably infer is a total character and dare I say firecracker! One of the members of the choir happened to be sitting in the pew closest to me when all of this transpired and began to chided Marietta, to which she responded with, “It’s ok! I’ve known him for years!”

That is pretty much how I was strong-armed into singing in the choir. I have never had any voice training, let along any idea how to read music. So why was I “asked” to sing? Simple enough answer, they were looking for some guys to help add to the small choir group.

I really have no clue as to what I am doing, I just basically parrot back what I hear by way of when we spend time practicing before Mass.

Even though I have no real idea as to what I am doing per se, I really have enjoyed singing within the choir during which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is taking place. Just as an aside, I have to mention how the other members are all so friendly, warm and inviting and that it has been really a lot of fun to able to get to know them better and to sing with them!

Here is the thing though that I have come to find in the short time that I have been “singing”, that there really is a deeply spiritual aspect to singing during Mass, it has made itself evidently clear that such is the case.

Our ever patient and kindhearted choir master Julie gave me an essay entitled “On the Duties of a Choir Singer” which was written by a religious about the sacred duties that are taken upon those who do sing during a religious ceremony. I will share that essay in the coming weeks by way of my Saintland web page, where it would be well suited to post there. Suffice to say, one point that was brought forth within the essay was that the choir singers raise their voices to give praise and glory to God, just as the Heavenly, Angelic Hosts do at the Throne of God.

Reading of that distinct reality really struck me in a way that while I knew it intellectually, it truly made me step back figuratively and take time to genuinely reflect upon and ponder the actuality of what that profoundly means. However much our amateurish voices may sound, that we are singing with our hearts and minds raised in prayer to give glory to Him who is King of All and the Lord of Lords and are doing so just as those Angelic Hosts are before God.

What a powerful realization of yet another example of how our material reality is so closely tied and overlaid of the coexisting spiritual reality.

Secondarily, the essay mentions how those of the choir help others to contemplate the glory and goodness of God, simply by way of our voices lifted in song. The choir is utilized by God to provide a further means by way of lifting those present to contemplate the goodness and glory of God.

Pretty heady stuff to think of if you think of it I think.

It goes without saying, but God certainly works in mysterious ways. If Marietta never popped me in the arm, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to come closer to Him and to help others to do so as well.

Pretty wild indeed! But then again God is wild like the wind.

A song which we sung recently is called Flos Carmeli, or the Flower of Carmel. It is a song dedicated to Our Lady, the Mother of Christ, whose whole mission is to lead us to Her Son and to the love and mercy of God.

Flos Carmeli, Flower of Carmel

Flos Carmeli, Flower of Carmel,
tall vine blossom laden; splendour of heaven, child-bearing yet maiden. None equals thee.

Mother so tender,
who no man didst know, on Carmel’s children
thy favours bestow.
Star of the Sea.

Strong stem of Jesse,
who bore one bright flower, be ever near us
and guard us each hour, who serve thee here.

Purest of lilies,
that flowers among thorns, bring help to the true heart that in weakness turns
and trusts in thee.

Strongest of armour,
we trust in thy might: under thy mantle,
hard pressed in the fight, we call to thee.

Our way uncertain, surrounded by foes, unfailing counsel you give to those who turn to thee.

O gentle Mother
who in Carmel reigns, share with your servants that gladness you gained and now enjoy.

Hail, Gate of Heaven, with glory now crowned, bring us to safety
where thy Son is found, true joy to see.

Vid Link: Flos Carmeli – Schola Cantorum Sancte Michael Archangele

flos carmeli


40th Anniversary of D&D

January 27th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Gamer - (Comments Off on 40th Anniversary of D&D)

Sunday marked the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons, a game which has played a major role in shaping who I am and who I have become. Just what is Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D for short) for those who may not be familiar with the game? It is what would be termed these days as an old school pencil, paper and dice game. It is a game which takes place within a fantasy world as created by the Dungeon Master (the one who runs the game), or by way of a pre established gaming moduel with which the Dungeon Master employs to run the various players through the adventure. The object of the game is open to any number of particular goals, such as rescuing a princess, saving a town from foul monsters, seeking a powerful magical item to help defeat some nefarious wizard locked away within his mage tower. Oftentimes, the game is played over a long stretch of time, months, ever perhaps years in terms of a longstanding campaigns that both DM and players engage in.

What are some of the ways in which D&D has had such a vast influence and impact upon my life? From a simple standpoint, I would not have made the tight-knit friends that I have now. Starting from the early days when I played in grammar school, through the years I worked at trader Joe’s or those now who I have the enjoyment of playing with and establishing new friendships. So it truly has been a means for me of getting outside of myself and being social. I have been both enriched and blessed with lasting, inseparable friends, who have played (no pun intended) such an significant and impactful part of my life.

Moreover, Dungeons and Dragons allowed for the means by which to promote and contribute to the development of my imagination to flourish. It opened up vistas of new mythical lands, fanciful creatures, unusual races, which all were envisioned within my mind as related by the Dungeon Master, who as the game proceeds, describes to us what we as the players see and or experience within the game setting. Much like how a book works upon the readers imagination, so to does each player create a visualization of what is taking place. So for example, the Dungeon Master might relate to the party that we “see a passageway before you, enshrouded within a grey hazy mist…you can hear some faint foot steps echoing off the stone walls, ominously coming before you.”

Oh ho! What are we going to do as a party now? One had better think fast, and adapt, improvise and overcome the various challenges and trails that the DM puts before us.

Thus, D&D has also helped in promoting good critical thinking. The game in one sense is all about problem solving. How are you and or your party going to come up with solutions that need to be achieved in order to be successful within the campaign or the particular quest you are on. Oftentimes, it serves best to “think outside the box.” I still find this to be a good mental challenge, for it forces me to approach things in a way that is oftentimes outside my particular mode of analytical reasoning.

What’s more, D&D also taught me how to work within a group dynamic, especially in light of the fact that not all players are always as kind hearted or as altruistic as you would like them to be. How do I adapt to people who act or think differently than I do, how do I still be respectful while fulfilling the personal goals of my particular character I am playing? How best to work towards achieving the party’s goals with others who also have different personas, motivations and aspirations than I do? There are different approaches to worthing (and playing) with others. D&D is certainly a  terrific teacher in how to both play with others and adapt to others may be different thank you. 

In thinking upon the much grander, larger scale impact that D&D has had, one must recognize the very tangible reality that it is responsible for so many fantasy novels, films and of course computer games such as World of Warcraft, which for those who are regular followers of my WoW blog know how much I am fond of playing.

Lastly, as a game it is just plain and simply fun!

Life can and often is quite difficult, which goes without saying, so taking some time out to hang out for an afternoon or evening with good friends and going forth upon an adventure to slay dragons, save a besieged village, gain wondrous magical items and prodigious amounts of gold and this to become a heroic figure having a profound impact upon the people and vast lands who wouldn’t want to partake in that? It is an “escapism” from the trails and tribulations of life, where you can role-play a totally different character than what you are within real life. Hanging out with your friends, having story telling time, out seeking misadventures and feats of heroic deeds, while enjoying some slices of take out pizza is what makes playing D&D so great!

Gaming is one of the defining aspects of who I am. Am I a great gamer? Not by a long shot. I still am learning how to game, even after all of these years. I still am learning what the rules are and how best to play my character class.  That is one of the really cool aspects about gaming, is that it always allows for learning, developing and growing. That is exactly what it means to be alive and proceeding through this particular life of ours.

From my vantage point, D&D has been such a profound and wondrous means to grow as a person and to learn from others, while establishing and possessing such good, dear friends, how can I not have anything but positivity to write about when it comes to D&D!

It goes without saying, but I reckon I shall regardless, it will be a hobby of mine that I will continue with for hopefully many more years to come.

D&D Dice4

Here is an article detailing the history of D&D:

Link: When Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40

Here is an interesting video on the history of D&D:

Link: A History of D&D In 12 Treasures

holmes box


(Gary Gygix, one of the primary creators of D&D…”requiescat in pace”)


New Kern WoW Blog Post

January 8th, 2014 | Posted by pmpax in Gamer - (Comments Off on New Kern WoW Blog Post)

One of my hobbies is that of playing World of Warcraft. I have been playing it now for nice years! A couple of years back, I started periodically writing about my experiences within the game by way of a blog. Well, I just wrote a new post about what I hope the game developers will do for the Warrior class that I play in the soon to be upcoming expansion of the game.

Check it out!

Link: Warrior Wants For Warlords of Draenor

For the Horde!!!!


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