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Agents of Shield

November 7th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in TV Shows - (Comments Off on Agents of Shield)

There are not very many TV shows that I watch, much less enjoy. Notable shows in the past that I have loved and watched faithfully have been The Six Million Dollar Man, Magnum P.I., Tales of the Golden Monkey and Jack of All Trades (Bruce Campbell…duhh) to mention the primary shows that I have followed.

Of Course, I can’t fail to mention the BBC series from the 60’s The Prisoner!

When I heard that Marvel would be releasing a show based upon Shield , with Agent Coulson to head his own team, how could I not be intrigued.

My personal synopsis of the show is that it has been entertaining, fun and quite enjoyable to watch. This week marked its sixth episode and I think it has been the best one to date. There are certain plot and character intrigues which have me hooked so as to want to tun in for the following episode to see what other elements might be revealed or added to.

Unfortunately, though not surprising, there has been quite a lot of posts on “the threads” about how the show is “lacking this or that” or not quite what viewers are expecting in terms of there being no “major Marvel superhero appearing, aka Iron Man ect”.

However, I think that this says more about our current culture than it does about the show. We have become a society which wants instantaneous results, immediate gratification, swift fulfillment. What is wrong with a show taking its own organic time and pace to fashion and develop the characters and introduce and begin to weave an overall story arc? Perhaps that is just the nature of the world we find ourselves within now.

I, for one have enjoyed watching the show slowly build and improve with each episode. Allowing the characters and the story to develop makes for a far more interesting and rewarding overall experience.

My hope is that the show gets a green light for an additional season. I very much would like to see how events and the various characters within themselves play out.

On a side note, thanks to Hulu, I have been able to watch the show on my computer, since otherwise I would not have access to the show, so that has been a most welcome circumstance that technology can make life a wee bit more enjoyable. (Though when the commercials hit, I just turn off the volume and watch to another web browser screen.)

So if you haven’t watched Agents of Shield, I would say give it a try and give it time. I think you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Oh, I have crush on the character Jemma Simmons played by Elizabeth Henstridge…just saying!

Link: Agents of Shield Homepage

Link: Agents of Shield Hulu

shield-tv-show-feature (1)

Agents of Shield1

Agent Coulson2

New Glide Album – Assemblage One & Two

November 1st, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Music - (Comments Off on New Glide Album – Assemblage One & Two)

The wait is finally over!

“Uncle” Will, as I so affectionately call him, released his latest Glide album today!

Entitled Assemblage One & Two, it is best classified as “way super groovy cool harmonic epicness of ambient or experimental electronica music”.

Perfect lava lamp music I might add!

So go support real, genuine, non-commericalized, non-corporite, made by my friend music and purchase the new Glide album…and allow yourself to take a Will Sergeant sonic adventure!

Link: Assemblage One & Two Pledge Music

Will Sergeant 9


Glide-Assemblage One & Two1


Glide Assemblage One & Two Cover1

Lakers Win???!!!!

October 30th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Sports - (Comments Off on Lakers Win???!!!!)

Last night was the opening game for the LA Lakers, in which they played against the LA Clippers. With Kobe being out of commission due to his injury, coupled with the fact that the Lakers have a whole host of “new” players that while young and athletic, are not seen to be quite ready for the prime time per se. The Clippers on the other hand have Chris Paul and Blake Griffen (who I very much a fan of his grit and play style), along with a new head coach in the form of “Doc” Rivers, who is the former arch nemesis cosh of the Boston Celtics. Talk about cross town rivalry!

Well, it may not be the ‘Showtime” magic of my teenage years on display last night, but what took place was nothing short of absolutely unexpected and down right awesome!

The Lakers WON!

The laker Bench which in recent past has been downright atrocious now scored something like 76 points in total!!!???

Chick Hearn is looking down with pride in his purple and gold heart and so am I!

This may turn out to be a one game wonder, a fluke which turned the various NBA analysts and sportswriters in an upside down tizzy, but who knows, stranger things have happened within the wonderful and colorful world of sports. Perhaps the Lakers should not quiet be written off so fast.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, what a victory last night game was indeed!

Go Go Laker Nation!!!


A Little Gift That Meant A Lot

October 25th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Art - (1 Comments)

For those who have been following my writings over the course this fun little hobby blog endeavor of mine knows how much I care for the owls within the radius of my cozy abode. One of my newish friends within the wonderful, magical world of social media is an artist who paints in a style that I immediately fell in love with! A friend of mine on Facebook “shared” a little artwork which immediately caught my attention and hooked me in! Andralynn, the name of the artists, has a style which is whimsical, playful and quaintly fanciful. It is everything that attracts and holds my personal, subjective “artist” tastes in terms of a wondrous, magical approach and manner of painting.

A short time ago, she posted a picture of various doodles that she did and asked for responses as to which particular piece was ones favorite. While I very much enjoyed them all, one was that of an owl! You can already see where this is leading right? Of course I posted how smitten I was with the little fellow and you know what she did? She sent to me through the postal service as a little gift! That little gesture of kindness, was one that meant a lot to me. I wanted to share it with you and share a link to her work so that you can support her work. When I have some extra funds, I am SO going to make several acquisitions of her work so as to add to my fledgling art collection!

Link: Andralynn Creative Designs

Link: Andralynn Creative Designs FB Page

Autumn Squirrel and Acorn Painting1


fun little ACEO doodles


ACEO Owl Dottle

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer

October 24th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Trailers - (Comments Off on Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer)


This trailer totally blew me away with all of the story elements and visuals!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks so beyond awesome.

Action, humor, drama, political intrigue…and how super cool that Robert Redford is within the film!!!

I SO can not wait to see this, midnight showing here I come!!!!

Link: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer



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The Owls

October 16th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Reflections - (Comments Off on The Owls)

The other night, when all was quiet and still, I heard a sound which caught my attention. Stopping what I was doing at the computer, I turned toward my open window and listened for what I thought was a very faint, but unmistakable sound of one of my beloved owl. A number of moments passed without hearing anything other than a passenger jet plane taking off from the local airport. Still I listened. Then, there it was, the distinct, definitive hoot of a Great Horned Owl!

I immediately got up and went outside to the backyard, Jake and Bear my two dogs looking at me in wonder as to ask what was going on. Standing outside in the dark, I must have look like one of those “odd” and ‘peculiar” neighbors, especially with my hands cupped over my ears so as to better maximize my hearing. Way off within the distance, I could discern the unmistakable territorial hooting duet of a pair of the Great Horned Owls. Closing my eyes, so as to clear all visual and mental distractions, so I could just take in the sounds that I have missed for over a years time.

I can’t describe how much comfort hearing the owls brought me, for it means that they have found a suitable nest which replaced the ones that they occupied before the developer tore out the grand, venerable Eucalyptus trees behind the house and erected the new monstrous homes.

Mother Nature finds a way as the old adages goes. I went to sleep with my window open, listening to my beloved owls making known their stately and solemn presence to all within the neighborhood.

Suffice to say, I had a good, sound sleep knowing my beloved owls were close by.


The Great Horned Owl8

The Great Horned Owl5

March Against Monsanto

October 11th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Take A Stand - (Comments Off on March Against Monsanto)

Tomorrow, there will be a nationwide gathering and march against Monsanto. I will be attending, for I believe very strongly that our food should not be tampered with or so altered genetically to the degree that it results in a detrimental cause of grave illness and or long term suffering, if not outright death. Monsanto as a company embodies all that is foul and vile about corporations. Without going into “political rant mode”, suffice to say that the companies I support are ones which are geared to fostering the greater good and overall wellbeing of the community and of its people, while carrying out the economic necessity of earning money through morally good business practices.

So with that in mind, I am putting my beliefs and convictions in action and taking a stand against Monsanto and for the rights and ability to foster organic food growth.

Link: March Against Monsanto Web Page/March Info



Will’s New Glide Album

October 8th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Music - (Comments Off on Will’s New Glide Album)

Hopefully, those who read and enjoy my little blog page have had a chance to check out, listen and buy/support my musical friends Garvy J and Feral Waves. For todays post, I wanted to share with you about my other buddy who makes music and who has a new album which will be released soon.

Will Sergeant, from Echo & the Bunnymen and Poltergeist has been working on his new solo Glide project. The album is entitled, “Assemblage One & Two” and can be purchased along with some other cool goodies by way of pledging for the album via Pledge Music.

It goes without saying that I am way super excited that Will is putting out another Glide album. It is the perfect music for just chilling out while I have my lava lamp turned on and making for a groovy mood.

Link: Will’s Glide Pledge Music

Will S Glide1


Glide Liverpool Poster1

Feral Waves

September 30th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Music - (Comments Off on Feral Waves)

More melodious music on this marvelous Monday!

My dear buddy Ant from England has been doing a new music endeavor for a bit now, which has me so totally stocked! Finally, some music to my ears!

His new band is called Feral Waves.

Previously, he and Bats (my other dear buddy for England) were The Land of Nod together, which has always been near and dear to my heart!

There are currently two Feral Waves albums out right now, once entitled Upside Down and the other which will be released in October entitled In Colours and In Dreams.

They both are perfect examples of what I would describe as old school 60’s style Brit rock/pop, which has been sorely missing for far too long. What I really love about Ant’s music is how refreshing it is to listen to music made the old fashion way, as opposed to these current days of commercial refrabication of music.

Talking with Ant over the phone this past weekend, he mentioned that he is working on a new album, which I can’t wait for it to be released.

So check out his music video he has posted and both Bat’s Ochre Records page (A lot of wonderfully awesome music is to be had there, check out Land of Nod/Stylus/Longstone/90 Degrees South to name a few) and of course Ant’s Cadent Recordings page.

Please show your support for both a dear friend and for truly good music and buy these albums (and the many other groovy albums found on Ochre)!!!!

Web Page Links:

Ochre Records

Cadent Recordings

Feral Waves (Facebook Page)

YouTube: Feral Waves – Lay It Down Music

Ant-Feral Waves1

Feral Waves-Upseide Down Album Cover


Garvy J

September 27th, 2013 | Posted by pmpax in Music - (Comments Off on Garvy J)

Long long ago, in what seems another life and definitely another time, I had the distinct once-in-a-lifetime grand misadventure of being a “roadie” for Electrafixion. It was during that U.S. tour throughout the good ol’ U.S.A. that I got to know and become friends with the opening band and road crew from The Elevator Drops. The years passed and sadly, I lost touch with them, until recently I had the ever brilliant idea to see if I could track any of them down by way of Facebook.

Sure enough, I was able to find Josh and it turns out that he has been busy with his music, forming a new band called Gary J and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance.

He kindly sent me some of his new music and without sounding bias, I really do love it! My favorite tracks are Celibrate, What If It Works Out with the various sound transitions and last but not least Will To Live, which has a really neat beat and background sounds!

You can listen and purchase his music from iTunes and on his web page you can hear his latest songs, which I most enthusiastically think rock!

I told Josh that he has to get back into the studio and knock out more music, because this is what real, genuine music is, not the lame corporate clamor that is pumped out over the airwaves.

So go get some cool, groovy music of my dear friend and support his band Garvy J!

Band Homepage Link: Garvy J

iTunes Music Link: Garvy J

Garvy J1
Garvy J4
Garvy J7
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